Loans for Debtors – How to get a loan without BIK

In recent years, non-banking companies providing loans have become very popular. This is the effect of tightening the provisions on granting loans by banks, caused by the next guidelines of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Non-bank companies offer products for practically everyone, even for people with a bad history at the Credit Information Bureau (BIK).

Credit without BIK – Offer Of Non-Bank Companies

Credit  - Offer Of Non-Bank Companies

Non-banking companies have a wide range of products – from payday loans (low amounts usually borrowed for up to 30 days) to loans for higher amounts borrowed for a long period. Their cost varies, depending on the company and the period for which the contract will be concluded. In the case of payday loans , many companies have a special offer for new customers in the form of a free first loan. This means that if it is repaid in a timely manner, the client does not bear any costs associated with its granting.

The non-bank loan offer is growing from month to month. New companies are created, loans for higher amounts are offered (up to PLN 25,000), and the loan period is extended. At present, apart from loans for natural persons, loans for companies are also available on the non-banking market. However, it should be taken into account that loans from non-banking companies will be much more expensive than bank loans.

Who can Get A Loan without BIK?

Who can Get A Loan ?

A loan without BIK can prove to be a good, and sometimes even the only, solution for people who for various reasons can not apply for a loan in a bank. Bad history in BIK or low scoring do not prevent getting a non-bank loan. In most cases, you do not even need a certificate of income or documented receipts to your account. All you need is a customer statement about your income. It should be remembered that even if non-bank companies do not check BIK (or check, but do not use data contained in the database), they verify other databases, such as KRD, BIG Infomonitor or BIG Erif. Entry in such a database may be a reason to refuse to grant a loan. However, more and more often you can find companies offering loans for indebted people , and even for people with bailiff debt.

How to Get a Loan without BIK?

How to Get a Loan ?

A person applying for a loan without a BIK must be above all an adult. In most cases, the lower age limit is 18 years, however, some companies have introduced a limitation and minimum age of the borrower even 25 years.

The upper age limit, depending on the company, is 75-80 years. To submit the application, you need an ID card and a phone number. You can apply for a loan online, by phone or through credit intermediation agencies. After entering the application and verification, we receive a decision.

In the case of a positive decision, the contract is signed and waiting for the money that is paid on the same day. Most non-banking companies offer several loan payment options: a transfer, an automatic payment in the Pekao SA bank or a GIRO check (which can be carried out at any post office).